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Scalability and Working From Home

Author: Lou Gabos, Ph.D.

With COVID-19 slowly transitioning a large part of the workforce back to the office, IT teams are faced with higher demands for supporting day-to-day office functions in geographically dispersed work environments that include both the home and office. Technology expert Lou J. Gabos, Ph.D. at Qualus Power Services shares some of the ways you can transition between multiple work environments seamlessly.


Multimedia Collaborative Software

With limited face-to-face interaction, now more than ever, teams are relying on collaboration tools to maintain productivity. Some of the ways your teams can stay in touch are through specialized platforms such as Microsoft Teams and OneNote across your organization.  For example, Teams provides higher quality voice connectivity than Skype does because it’s supported by different back end service.  File sharing, chat and outbound calling are some of the other features that allow you to bring people close together and increase their overall effectiveness.  You can create custom teams for a specific project and keep that information private if desired. Delivering these services to your workforce is important to not only maintain productivity, but to help eliminate gaps in communication that often occur between those who work remotely.


Implementing Softphone Technology

Deployment of softphone technology is another way we are closing the communication gap with clients, vendors and other entities.  Softphones extend our employees’ desk phones to their computer.  Installing softphones on a laptop allows all incoming calls to a person’s extension to ring directly on their computer.  Using headphones delivers excellent sound quality, minimizes background noise and the person on the other end of the call will never know that you’re not sitting at your desk.  This is one of the ways we make communication completely transparent to those we work with.


Remote Access and Capabilities

Remote access services like Always On VPN (AOVPN) provide a seamless transition for users to be able to access sensitive files safely and securely at anytime from anywhere.  It works over any type of internet connection including cell phone hot spots.  Simply logon to your computer, connect to the internet and secured access to your corporate network is automatic.  Add multiple gateways to geographically dispersed regions of your network, and your VPN service is built to withstand outages should one or more of your gateways be inaccessible.  If a gateway goes down, AOVPN will instantly reconnect, normally taking no more than 10 seconds.  When the new link is established, the user will be connected through one of the other remaining gateways.  The best part is, they will never know anything happened.  The ability to seamlessly access the sensitive information like this while using collaboration software allows for a pain-free transition to any work location and your clients won’t notice any disruption to the quality of service they receive.


Network Management and Business Continuity

With increasing numbers of disparate work locations including those who are very mobile, the edge of your network becomes liquid and therefore more challenging to manage.  High degrees of mobility in various work environments causes traffic patterns on your network to shift.  When this happens, network management systems are needed to alert the IT team to potential problems on the horizon.   Not only are they used to detect outages, but they are essential to monitor every router, firewall, server, switch and circuit for utilization, performance, throughput and capacity.  Like the dashboard of your car, this allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your network and gauge its overall health.  Data and the information derived from it is the blood that flows through the veins of a business.  Engineering redundancy at key locations in your network will enhance business continuity by accommodating unexpected bursts of traffic and provide a buffer from equipment failures or outages caused by internet circuits going down.



Cyber security is a non-negotiable requirement at Qualus.  Its commitment to safety goes beyond physical health and includes the safety of not only our clients, but of their information assets as well.  Qualus remains vigilant around the clock to securely protect the data they have been entrusted with.


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