As a part of our Relay Technician Boot Camp, newly hired employees will be fast-tracked for professional development, receiving on-the-job training and mentorship from our organization's senior leadership. Beginning July 11-August 26, 2022, this year-long program begins with an intensive 7-week Boot Camp where employees learn the latest in the protective relaying field, gain valuable hands-on experience, build relationships with industry leaders, and lay the foundation for impactful careers in the industry. 


This comprehensive program is led by our internal subject matter experts bringing their vast experience to the learning environment. Participants in Boot Camp will:

  • Learn the tools for delivering safe, consistent quality services
  • Gain a stronger understanding of the electrical utility system
  • Utilize industry best practices to plan and set up a projects
  • Review and validate project engineering packages
  • Get hands on experience with testing & commissioning electrical utility equipment
  • Learn how to protect and control the electrical utility transmission grid
  • Earn OSHA 10 Certificate and DOL card upon course completion

Relay Technician Boot Camp Learning Objectives

Participants in the Boot Camp program will experience in-depth theory and hands-on training in their first seven weeks, followed by on-the-job training, mentorship, and exposure to more advanced protection ad control topics in the field setting. Key learning objectives for all participants include:

  • Relay philosophies
  • Human performance fundamentals
  • Design types, breaker orientation, transformer types, nameplates, clearances, AC/DC elementary 
  • Protection options, relay connections, CT/PT ratios, technical math, relay connections, in-service readings 
  • Communicating with SEL relays and settings management 
  • Distribution relay testing 
  • SEL program usage 
  • RTS testing software overview
  • CT testing, CT circuit checks, PT circuit checks 
  • Protection types, distance 21, line differential, breaker failure, transfer trip, POTT, logic 
  • Relay communication aided tripping
  • AC & DC secondary circuit commissioning
  • DC control testing, print red lines, highlighting
  • Functional testing, panel and wire testing
  • SCADA & commissioning fundamentals
  • Fiber optics principles, practices, and theory


  • Employees of Qualus Power Services
  • New graduates from two or four-year Electrical Engineering programs
  • New graduates specializing in Power Systems
  • Individuals in the electrical industry looking to transition to Protection and Control

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