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Qualus Power Services’ Subsidiary, Power Grid Engineering, Presents at Texas A&M Relay Conference

LAKE MARY, FL (April 9, 2018) This past week one of Power Grid Engineering, LLC’s (PGE) Field Engineers, Morteza Keshavarztalebi, presented at the 2018 Texas A&M Relay Conference on Theory Advantages of Performing Power-Transformers through Fault Test. The presentation took place on Wed. March 28.

“I believe technical papers are a great way to share potential and practical solutions on trending issues within the industry,” said Morteza Keshavarzalebi, Field Engineer at PGE. “My paper presents the advantages of performing transformer through-fault test prior to actual energization which is a widely-known topic in the industry.”

The paper also includes the theory and numerical procedures for testing. With a through-fault test, relay engineers and technicians validate all of the CT and PT secondary, transformer-winding configurations, protective relay settings and circuit wiring.

For more information on Morteza’s paper or to read it, please contact Annabella Pujalte at