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Our People, Our Strength, Our Power

By: Kristy Swegheimer, Executive VP of Human Resources

Qualus Power Services is proud to announce our commitment to diversity by introducing our Diversity for All steering committee. Read more on our website #OneQualus #DiversityForAll

There is an increased fervor about equality happening right now. Protests calling for police reform, thought leaders speaking out about racism and discrimination, and a desire to amplify black, brown, and indigenous voices to shed light on the issue of racial inequality in this country. These acts rose in urgency during the Pride month of June have created an opportunity for different sectors of our society to speak out about these issues. We have also had the opportunity to look deeply into ourselves and the part each of us plays in perpetuating systems of inequality. By now, you have received hundreds of emails and seen a number of company statements as industry leaders vow to do better. Now is the time that all eyes are looking at who sits at the decision-making tables. At Qualus, we want to do more than make a statement. We want to take action.

 Where we are

Our employees at Qualus represent over 15 different languages. We value diversity by creating a work environment that respects and includes difference. We recognize the unique contributions that every individual makes and we work hard to maximize the potential of all employees. Our employment statistics are actually ahead of the industry standards; however, we would like to continue to do more. There is always room for improvement, and we are getting to work making those adjustments. Now we can mobilize for systemic change.

While Qualus has a good start on being a diverse engineering and field services firm, we know we can do more. We are proud to introduce our latest endeavor to improve diversity within our companies: Diversity for All. This new cross-company committee is charged with identifying and understanding our current place and positions in regards to diversity throughout our organization. They will also create a prioritized list of objectives and corresponding actions for individuals, departments, and leadership that will take Qualus to the next level of diversity for all.

Our Diversity for All steering committee will be 100% employee driven, and made up of volunteer employees from all levels and job titles. They will create and prioritize committee objectives with reciprocal actions that can be taken by the company to move the needle on diversity. These volunteers will chart a course for the committee with measurable goals and accountability. While our volunteer committee members come from different backgrounds, they each aspire to make a noticeable difference in the social structures of Qualus and our communities.

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We stand behind our commitment that the greatness of Qualus is from: Our People, Our Strength, Our Power, and we strive to improve every day.