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What is NEC 240.87?

Originally introduced in 2011, the National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 240.87 was developed to reduce clearing times when a circuit breaker without an instantaneous trip unit was installed. This section was titled “Non-Instantaneous Trip.” Later, in the 2014 revision cycle, the NEC changed this section to “Arc Energy Reduction,” and the scope was slightly changed. […]

Transmission Planning – Outsource the Process, Leave Time for Analysis

  Written By: Marilyn Ramirez, Business Development Manager Over the years, transmission planning has become more complex. We often see new regulations enacted in response to real world events or to keep up with changing trends in the industry. From NERC standards ensuring the quality of reliability study assessments to standards requiring our awareness of […]

Introduction to Arc Flash Basics

Arc-flash incidents are one of the most common and most serious hazards we face in the electrical power industry. An arc flash is the sudden release of energy caused by an electrical fault, arcing in air from one conductor to another or to ground. Arc-flash incidents are normally caused by the failure of equipment with […]

NERC PRC-005 Best Practices

NERC PRC-005 is one of the most essential standards to ensure the safety and reliability of your bulk electric system. Originally adopted in February 2005, NERC PRC-005 continues to establish documentation programs and a maintenance schedule for all protection systems. This includes automatic reclosing and sudden pressure relaying which must function properly to maintain your […]

Considerations from your Partner in Power – Excitation Upgrades and NERC PRC-019

Are you considering installing or upgrading your facility’s excitation system or do you have plans for an AVR upgrade in your budget? Just like older relays or meters, excitation systems become obsolete and need replaced. An upgraded excitation system allows for all the modern microprocessor benefits such as event records, flexible logic and monitoring and […]

Our People, Our Strength, Our Power

By: Kristy Swegheimer, Executive VP of Human Resources Qualus Power Services is proud to announce our commitment to diversity by introducing our Diversity for All steering committee. Read more on our website #OneQualus #DiversityForAll There is an increased fervor about equality happening right now. Protests calling for police reform, thought leaders speaking out about […]

Scalability and Working From Home

Author: Lou Gabos, Ph.D. With COVID-19 slowly transitioning a large part of the workforce back to the office, IT teams are faced with higher demands for supporting day-to-day office functions in geographically dispersed work environments that include both the home and office. Technology expert Lou J. Gabos, Ph.D. at Qualus Power Services shares some of […]

Qualus Power Services Announces Qualus University

Cincinnati, OH (January 31, 2020) – Qualus Power Services is proud to announce the launch of Qualus University, better known as QualU. QualU is a comprehensive source for training opportunities offered by Qualus Power Services companies. In August 2018, CE Power and Power Grid Engineering (PGE) combined their businesses under a newly formed holding company, […]

Five Cyber Security Tactics for Securing Your Client’s Data in the COVID-19 Era

Author: Lou Gabos, Ph.D. How we conduct business and perform our work has changed drastically in the short evolution of COVID-19. Every work from home scenario is different, but the need to protect company data remains the same regardless of the location from where access is  . Protecting client data is crucial in the electrical […]

AI for Your Secure Network: Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence to Maximize the Security of Your Data

Author: Lou Gabos, Ph.D. As Artificial Intelligence becomes increasingly popular, security experts are taking full advantage of implementation to secure their systems. While you may have an internal IT team dedicated to the maintenance of your system, Qualus Power Services Technology expert, Lou J. Gabos, Ph.D. shares how using AI can serve as an extension […]