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Qualus Power Services Acquires Phoenix Engineering Services, Inc.

Phoenix Engineering Services, a highly regarded engineering and testing service firm, joins the Qualus family. Their high-quality services ranging from substation equipment and relay testing to NERC PRC studies, panel building, utility software development and technology solutions strengthen the Qualus portfolio. Together, we will ensure a strong future and opportunities for our employees. View the […]

Qualus Power Services Acquires Patterson Power Engineers, LLC

  Patterson Power Engineers joins the Qualus family and brings a strong reputation for delivering the highest quality service as well as a highly respected and skilled team of engineers in the power systems protection space. The partnership will ensure a strong future in providing expert engineering and technical field services to our clients and […]

How IEC 61850 Training Improved my Career

  Authored by: Daniel Khoroshansky, PGE Engineering Manager The power industry is always learning and improving on itself, even during times of limited business travel and in-person meetings. Standards continue to be adopted and training for those standards will always be essential to stay current and maintain excellence in our field. Beginning March 1-5, 2021, […]

DER: Battery Storage

  Authored by: Paula Beleno-Ortiz As more utilities embrace DER and bring more solar and wind generation into their systems, they may include battery storage systems in their plans. Categorized as another type of DER, battery storage facilities are one mechanism that help all other DER and alternative power connections become as efficient and beneficial […]

DER: Protecting Our Future

By: Paula Beleno-Ortiz As the cost for traditional base load increases while cost for solar and wind power continues to decrease, more and more utilities are looking for ways to expand into alternative energy sources. Combined with the rise in DER, utilities have more choices than ever as we all move forward. Using DER to […]


Benefits and Opportunities of DER

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there are well over 12 million distributed energy resources (DER) connected to the grid right now with plans to keep adding more. Utilities are developing a clearer direction of how to plan for future DER growth and take advantage of present day opportunities. When we look […]

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Fastest Growing DER within the Utility Industry

Authored By: Paula Beleno-Ortiz Distributed Energy Resources, or DER, are power generation or energy storage systems used to provide an alternative source of electricity or enhance the traditional power grid. DER can generate electricity using any primary fuel, although they often involve clean or renewable energy sources. DER includes systems that store energy, such as […]

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What is NEC 240.87?

Originally introduced in 2011, the National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 240.87 was developed to reduce clearing times when a circuit breaker without an instantaneous trip unit was installed. This section was titled “Non-Instantaneous Trip.” Later, in the 2014 revision cycle, the NEC changed this section to “Arc Energy Reduction,” and the scope was slightly changed. […]

Transmission Planning – Outsource the Process, Leave Time for Analysis

  Written By: Marilyn Ramirez, Business Development Manager Over the years, transmission planning has become more complex. We often see new regulations enacted in response to real world events or to keep up with changing trends in the industry. From NERC standards ensuring the quality of reliability study assessments to standards requiring our awareness of […]

Introduction to Arc Flash Basics

Arc flash incidents are one of the most common and most serious hazards we face in the electrical power industry. An arc flash is the sudden release of energy caused by an electrical fault, arcing in air from one conductor to another or to ground. Arc-flash incidents are normally caused by the failure of equipment […]